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On Saturday night I went to O’Connell’s with my two roommates and had two rum & cokes. We came home by midnight and I was in a sour mood because I wanted to stay out and had just dropped $10. I paid with my debit card and the charge still hasn’t shown up on my account. I guess I lucked out….

Since my roommate acted like a 50 year old woman tonight and made me come home by midnight I might as well enjoy myself so I’m going to watch this. I haven’t seen it but I hear it’s good.

Tonight, my roommate and I convinced our other roommate to go out with us. We went to the bar around 10:30. She had one drink and decided it was time to go home. Since we all drove together and the ground is covered in ice we had to stick together. We were all home by midnight on a SATURDAY night! Right when I got home is when everyone got to the bars. We’ve been snowed in for 3 days, we finally get out and she wants to go home after one drink. I’m so pissed I even spent money to get a buzz and now I’m going to bed.

Next time, she’s not going out with us, I’m sorry.

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